Columbus Day Letter to the President

Indigenous Peoples Day AKA Columbus Day Open Letter to President Obama


#StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL

Deep Calls to Deep

Deep calls to deep

A coral reef
You are too beautiful to contain my breath.

I will expire
Trying to breathe this water of life

Ocean manifest for gods and angels.
The pilot whale swims an orphan

In joyous company. Oh my Chelonia,
You surface for air and sun. With my finger near

Your heart and ear, shivering fin brushes my arm
I am shaking with neuronic lightening,

Again you are there, and I cannot breathe
When I feel you touch the cays so fast and full

Bleeding, and you rise trembling from your seat
To heaven’s throne, not a place on earth may you rest.

Too beautiful to hold me or thee,
We will die from holy fire.

As all your breakers wash over me.
As deep calls to deep.

© 2016 Anna Mosby Coleman

Zoology: Chelonia mydas, the green turtle, is a large sea turtle belonging to the family Cheloniidae. Called Honu in Hawaiian, these beautiful aquatic reptiles are endangered.

Gondola Lift

We must cross a river, whenever possible, by ferry or lift
Roosevelt Island’s via dolce which benefits
You & me with the most coruscating skyline
That we could a stranger offer anon.

Put me in the front seat, or the back, & let me rock
Easily in wind & rain & the celestial night
Of trembling lights where air pushes still
From the floor of tourists in awe,

Manhattan Gondola, you win my heart each time I stand swaying
To the rhythm & cacophony of words in languages known
& unknown. Yet suddenly familiar, I lean left to leave his
Mobile’s POV — recording me — accidentally in peace.

© 2016 Anna Mosby Coleman