October 6



Don’t think this day

Will harrow you ever that way

You dread

Estranged from the smile of humanity

I will fight for you


Don’t think this day

Will on the calendar ever stay

Your relic, an

Encircled date, red with stroke of travesty

I will bleed for you


Don’t think this day

Will always be one of pain

Your fortune

Engraved in stone, or living to bury

I will lay down my life for you


Don’t think I pray

Without faith or in vain

I see you

Embraced in love, I see you Merry

You will overcome as


He has

Again & again



© 2012 Anna Mosby Coleman


I wrote this with Josh Coleman. We are playing a creative game.  He gives me a word to make something out of, and I give him a word.  I gave him the word “balancing” and he is making a song with it.  He gave me the word: diving.  Here is my diving poem.

Maybe I will make a diving painting (out of video)  – next summer.

© 2012 Anna Mosby Coleman