I wrote this with Josh Coleman. We are playing a creative game.  He gives me a word to make something out of, and I give him a word.  I gave him the word “balancing” and he is making a song with it.  He gave me the word: diving.  Here is my diving poem.

Maybe I will make a diving painting (out of video)  – next summer.

© 2012 Anna Mosby Coleman

3 thoughts on “Diving

    • This is the Poem that Leyla sent me
      THAT SHE WROTE — playing The Creative Game with me. I love it:

      innocence speaks with no desire;
      her voice creaks from inward fire.
      children as brightly-colored courtiers
      dance around guests like squeaking mice
      while some rare enthusiasts throw the rice.

      a lady beside our girl bemoans her makeup
      melting from the heat of a beach wedding,
      so romantic in form
      so snarled in substance.

      the sun chuckles as it beams on the scene
      and Helios cracks his whip,
      but spares a glance for the girl in her desperate finery.

      lovely ladies continue to melt like wax figures,
      while the amorous maid tries to hide her longing & resentful gaze —
      a pathetic amalgam for any soul.

      bright boys, teenaged and at the cusp of full ripeness,
      survey the princesses as only bored young men can.
      glinting hair, flashing eyes, straight white teeth
      smile for the fairest,
      leaving the dark girl to bite her cheek.
      she is a lunar creature, and a mesomorph besides,
      and these killers tend to choose the most petite victims.

      the children laugh and build castles;
      and cruel
      in their simple ways.

      the scorned dark star, dimmed by other brilliant constellations,
      sips champagne.
      she is cancer, dimmest of the signs.
      she means no harm.

      certain women on this day,
      at a beached wedding,
      much like a beached whale,
      rarely make it back to the sea.

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