Valentine Prayer for Peace

Valentine Prayer for Peace

Peace rain down upon the earth
Strong and sweet
Quenching the fires of
Lust &

Love rise up from the soil
Clean as dew
Touching the breath of a new day
Holy with kisses
For enemies
No longer.

Joy wrap arms around this world with
Sisters and brothers
Hugging hard hearts soft
Breaking bitterness, shame & fear
Tears no longer

Kindness whisper loudly in our ears
And deafen weapons to silence.
While anger is still
Until we
Only hear

© 2007 | 2014 Anna Mosby Coleman

One thought on “Valentine Prayer for Peace

  1. Soothing, blessed words that encourage us to know that those awesome qualities are from Our Lord [… & a] way to transform the world He so loves […]
    Thank you so much !!!

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